I Need Juice…I Need Mommy Juice!


Last night, while sipping on my “mommy juice,” I read an article regarding “mommy juice” and the message that it potentially sends to young children when they see their mothers reaching for their glass of “mommy juice.”

Disclaimer: I do not have kids yet, but I do have a new puppy that stresses me out. Therefore, I do understand that sometimes, “mama needs her glass of wine.”

While reading the article, I suddenly remembered a TV show that I previously watched named Being Mary Jane that showed a very successful single woman socially drinking with their friends and drinking home alone around her newborn niece. Suddenly I realized that today’s society is slowly normalizing alcoholism, alcohol culture, and “mommy juice” to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Mary Jane, for example, was a successful woman, but she was lonely, and she desperately wanted a child. Mary Jane’s binge drinking and her multiple glasses of wine were ways for her to cope with the harsh reality of her life, as with “mommy juice.”

Today, “mommy juice” seems to have become a trend. Mothers are often seen with cups and t-shirts that allude to drinking being a way to solve all of their problems when in fact the normalization of drinking in response to things happening in life, such as having children, depression, anxiety, can be unhealthy for them and their children. Studies show that women that drink excessively are more susceptible to liver disease, certain cancers, heart disease, and it can also speed up the aging process— who doesn’t want to look young forever (CDC 2016). Children that often observe their mother drinking excessively often deal with emotional problems such as guilt, anxiety, depression, and they are more likely to begin drinking at an earlier age.
Don’t get me wrong moms, I am “pro-mommy juice,” in moderation of course, but we all should be conscious of the adverse effects that could come with it for ourselves, our children, and our puppies.



One thought on “I Need Juice…I Need Mommy Juice!

  1. Great post! I think it’s also important to highlight that when mothers don’t get the support they need and turn to drink for whatever reason that this often happens in front of children. I wonder how this next generation of children, who have watched mothers or family members self-medicate via drinking, will cope as they get older. Will they be drinkers too or will they be the next generation of sober curious?

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