About W-ASE

Project Goals

The Writing in Adult Secondary Education (W-ASE) Project is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences (R305N210030). Its aim is two-fold: to design and evaluate a technology-supported writing curriculum for learners in ASE classes, and to develop a concurrent professional development delivery model, materials, and online resources for instructors and students. The primary goals of the project are:

  • through an iterative process of design research, develop a writing curriculum based on self-regulated strategy instruction for adults in ASE classes;
  • through an iterative process of design research, develop and refine professional development (PD) methods and materials for ASE writing instructors;
  • provide initial evidence of implementation and effectiveness in authentic education settings


W-ASE Project will address:

  • Adaptations for ASE students that support basic writing skills
  • Writing strategies with common text structures
  • Self-regulation strategies in writing
  • Self-efficacy and motivation in writing
  • Integration of reading and writing
  • Writing technology & digital literacy
  • Curriculum support for teachers

Our Commitment to DEIA: 

This project recognizes that the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) are necessary if we are to achieve better educational outcomes for all. We are people-centered and work with our community stakeholders (students, research participants, adult educators, and adult education programs) in ways that enhance DEIA and support one another. We embrace diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in service to our mission of educational research. Our vision is to be people-centered so that all people feel like they belong as we work together. Our objectives are to collect, synthesize, and share data to support sustainable improvements in adult education that will improve educational equality.