Project Goals

The Writing in Adult Secondary Education (W-ASE) Project is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences (R305N210030). Its aim is two-fold: to design and evaluate a technology-supported writing curriculum for learners in ASE classes, and to develop a concurrent professional development delivery model, materials, and online resources for instructors and students. The primary goals of the project are:

  • through an iterative process of design research, develop a writing curriculum based on self-regulated strategy instruction for adults in ASE classes;
  • through an iterative process of design research, develop and refine professional development (PD) methods and materials for ASE writing instructors;
  • provide initial evidence of implementation and effectiveness in authentic education settings


W-ASE Project will address:

  • Adaptations for ASE students that support basic writing skills
  • Writing strategies with common text structures
  • Self-regulation strategies in writing
  • Self-efficacy and motivation in writing
  • Integration of reading and writing
  • Writing technology & digital literacy
  • Curriculum support for teachers