SIF Orientation – Fall 2015

Last week marked the beginning of the second year of the Student Innovation Fellowship at Georgia State University. Many of the first years returned for another promising year, and we got a few new exciting additions too.

Below is a group shot of everyone who showed up for orientation and introduced themselves:

SIF Group 2015-2016

SIF Group 2015-2016

In the photo above you can see a variety of students from graduate students to undergrads with skills ranging from excellent writing and organization, to mapping and design, and coding. Here, we are posing in the CURVE in front of the 12 screen interact wall that we often use for workshops and presentations.

This year, we will be more tightly focused on bigger projects that we intend to ‘finish’ as much as possible. For example, where I was on approximately 6 projects last year, I am on 1 this year. And it’s very exciting. I will be managing the Magazine and Images Archive in charge of building a new Undergraduate research based journal/magazine hybrid. The possibilities are quite exciting, and I will be blogging about this project quite a bit in the future.

Stay tuned.