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All of the text above was imported in, which is why I couldn’t hyperlink Touchnote. This is the only bit I’ve typed, save the title. As you can see, the pen has several issues, not least that it buzzes quite loudly. For some reason, the receiver picked up my ‘smooth’ lines as dashed and dotted above (perhaps it was my large sleeve), and this blog entry took me 3-4 times longer than a regular entry usually does.

Perhaps I can tell I’m innovating when it takes a long time, but feels like play… maybe.

  1. we do have something somewhat similar in the exchange – they’re called Light Scribe pens – it requires proprietary paper, but will also capture audio while you write, should you so wish. But it may be something interesting to check out too, should you want to play with how to convert pen writing to type and so forth.

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