DALN 2 – Researching to Innovate

As part of the project I’m working on for the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives, I have been researching free apps for the iPad 2 that might help innovate the current recording process of the DALN.

Let me explain in more detail:

Representatives from the DALN go to conferences, usually rhetoric and composition, or other English studies related conferences, and collect live literacy narratives. I have volunteered for DALN more than once, and usually have a fun time doing it. the task involves roping people in to come and sit in front of a computer (always a mac) and record a short narrative about literacy. It can be anything Рreading, writing, digital Рwhatever. They talk into the recording device, which takes video and audio, and then when they are finished, we save and upload the recordings, along with a release form participants fill out.

As part of the project, I am looking at streamlining this project – innovating it, if you will. So instead of using MacBooks, I am looking at using iPads. So far, I’m sort of stumbling around in the dark, but I have found one fun, if not confusing tool:

Stage: An Interactive Whiteboard and Document Camera РAnd while this program will not likely work for innovating the DALN recording process, it may be useful for something similar.

The biggest difficulty I find myself having at the moment is the “free apps” part of the task. On iPad, movie maker is $4.99. This is problematic, and may lead to some interesting access-oriented innovations.

In the meantime, if anyone finds some use for this whiteboard app, please share.

  1. This is a nice idea for DALN. I’ve been following it for a while because…well…I a class with one of the people behind it. Anyways, the idea of the Ipads are really awesome. Nice way to do that. It could be like a “Vine” thing where people can just go and say what they want to say in a little bit of time or something.

    I’ve been trying to visualize an efficient way for people using a whiteboard at CURVE actually. However, it’s supposed to be a little bit more streamlined aka not really an app. I hate apps.

    Anyways, I hope you find everything for DALN, it’s an exciting project and I hope it gets incorporated into big archives of the Internet like Wayback Machine. I’ll see if I can get a request, shouldn’t be that hard.

    • Thanks! That’s so cool that you know about the project already.

      There MUST be some crazy whiteboard software we could invent – like one of those pens where you write on paper and it appears on your screen – what if it appeared on a whiteboard?? Does that already exist?

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