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Built Environment Analysis

Works Cited

Alter, Lloyd. “Are Sidewalks a Civic Responsibility? Not in Atlanta.”TreeHugger. N.p., 25 Apr. 2013. Web. 25 Apr. 2016.   Paget-Seekins, Laurel. “Atlanta: Unsafe at Any Speed: Transit Fatality Raises Issues of Race, Poverty and Transportation Justice”. Race, Poverty & the… Continue Reading →

Atlantans Transported (Conclusion)

Plans are being made to improve the public transportation system of Atlanta. The CEO of MARTA is striving for expansion, and the city hopes to add 200 miles of bike lanes by the year 2030. (4)(5) Access to areas that… Continue Reading →

“Wait, but can I get there on MARTA?” (Part 2)

Poor public transportation can leave some people feeling stranded. Schedules must be made to coincide with the schedule of public transport. People are forced to endure long wait times and long routes to their destination. Sometimes taking public transportation is… Continue Reading →

“Watch out! Pedestrians!” (Part 1)

People that rely heavily on their ability to walk from one destination to the next are often put at risk and forced to take extra precautions. One constant in the life of a pedestrian is a sidewalk. Sidewalks are a… Continue Reading →

Getting Around Atlanta (Introduction)

Transportation in Atlanta is underdeveloped, making it hard for people to get around. As a home to many residents and a popular place for tourists, Atlanta has a large number of people driving, riding, biking and walking in the city…. Continue Reading →

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