The website for the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is a useful site for both the resident of Atlanta as well as the tourists. The website offers information on flights and the airport itself. The layout of the webpage is easy to follow and easily accessible. The content of the website’s homepage is set up in a way that displays what is seemingly the most frequently accessed information. This information is set up on in boxes in the center of page, and is most likely the first thing seen when opening this site. On the left side of the webpage, the box allows visitors (of the website) to enter information into the fields so that they may find out more about their travels. Additionally, the box on the left features a tab that contains links to the maps of different terminals in the airport. The box on the right of the page offers information on parking and wait times at the Atlanta airport.



Visitors would not have to look through the tabs under the header image as links to what is most often accessed is given further down the homepage. The advantage of this layout design is that visitors of the site do not have to search far and long for what they need. However, that same advantage is also the flaw of the website. When information and links are given on the homepage in this arrangement, most visitors do not look further. For a website such as the one for the Atlanta airport, a large amount of pages containing much information goes unseen by the common visitor. Essentially, these other links (found on the bar under the header image) serve no purpose to most people.


Despite what one might call an excess of possibly unused information, the website of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is a display of an attempt to go above and beyond for visitors of the sites. One some of the pages, one may find tips for traveling, information for those looking to do business with the airport and even notes from managers. Each page on the website serves a purpose and is intended for a target audience, whether it be a tourist travelling to/from the Atlanta airport or a business partner for the airport.

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