This is the first picture I took after walking into the store. It features the head of an Elvis look-alike and a lot of pink. The many colorful wigs can also be seen here. My favorite thing about the store was the color mashup. Everywhere I looked there was a new, different color. Nothing seemed to fit together, but I thought it was all very cool.



A better view of the many colorful wigs. I’m not quite sure if I’d ever wear a fire red or electric blue wig. However, it does look good on the mannequin. It’s an “all out of sorts” display and I think that it what makes it so attractive and pleasing to (my) eyes.



Junkman’s Daughter sells more than clothes! They also have some really neat dishware. Everything and anything for everyone and anyone. Other than the wigs, I like that the store sells a variety of things that can appeal to many shoppers.



I’m a huge Star Wars fan and I am proud of it. Once again, the store was full of wonderful surprises. I was happy to see the shoes and utterly heartbroken when I had to leave them at the store. Junkman’s Daughter definitely has shoes for standing out.



This reminded me of a fun house with the clown on the side and the giant red stairs. It’s almost like the store is anything but a store. The decor gives shoppers the feeling that it is something more and makes the experience that much more enjoyable.



“Meet the Family”