A bar at the intersection of Fairlie and Poplar. Oddly, there is another bar next to this. I wasn’t sure if this was a good location for such a place. Rethinking it now, I would guess a bar in a more isolated place would be better in regards to making it through car traffic as a pedestrian.




The “fun” of Fairlie-Poplar that isn’t actually apart of Fairlie-Poplar. A great view to give the place some life. Also, a wonderful way to inspire someone to walk a little further into the city and explore the envrionment. I thought this was key in creating my description of the intersection.




This sign just so happened to be pointing towards the direction I came from. It made me laugh because I took this as meaning I should walk back. I did walk back, but only to reenter the space with a new perspective. Other than that, the street is small and so it would make sense that it is only one way. I also take this to mean there is less (zero) traffic here.




I thought this was an interesting little spot. The main reason for capturing the photo was that I thought Fairlie street was an alley as I passed it many times, and though it wasn’t, I found an actual alley. This also makes me think of the “magic” I was looking for when I entered the site. It is very inviting.


Also, another piece of the “magic”. This photo is of the balcony and the plants that were too small to really show up in the picture. The importance of this photo is that it shows that people live in this environment. Fairlie-Poplar is environment that people¬†created. It is for people, by people.



(A little video clip of the intersection.)