An Objective Look Into the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center

Atlanta’s Contemporary Art Center has humble beginnings. Formally Nexus, the art center stems from a grassroots art movement back in 1973 by Atlanta photographers and has upheld those roots by featuring smaller artists. The center even promotes an in-house artist residency program.  They have helped work in the redevelopment of the Atlanta community after the renovation of […]

The Environment of an Art Museum Explained

Newhouse, Victoria. Towards a New Museum. New York: Monacelli, 1998. Print. Victoria Newhouse, published architectural historian and author of Towards A New Museum along with other works, has focused on examining spaces as they relate to audience, service they provide, and effectiveness among other things. She claims that she, “merely observe(s) and assess(es) what others […]

Emily Bazelon’s Making Bathrooms More ‘Accommodating’

Emily Bazelon’s New York Time’s Magazine article  “Making Bathrooms More ‘Accommodating’” addresses some of the social norms challenged as of late. Namely, bathrooms are being taken under new scrutiny due to the now more widely accepted notions of gender fluidity.  Restrooms have always been seen as  gender specific and therefore constraining places. People have long […]

Gender Fluidity and Design

Suzanne Tick’s His & Hers: Designing for a Post-Gender Society addresses gender roles are applicable to our modern society. She notes that sexuality is the trademark of “male and female” especially perpetuated through technology and media. As we watch this transition, Tick believes that designers from fashion to architecture should be mindful of the social implications […]

Exterior Environments: Cemeteries

Kaemmerlen, Cathy. The Historic Oakland Cemetery of Atlanta: Speaking Stones. Charleston, SC: History, 2007. Google Scholar. Web. 26 Jan. 2016. Cathy Kaemmerlen, prominent southern storyteller and author, wrote The Historic Oakland Cemetery of Atlanta: Speaking Stones as an in depth overview of the history of Atlanta’s famous Oakland Cemetery. The book describes why and Oakland […]

Passages from Schindler’s “Architectural Exclusion”

Urban design is a “form of regulation” (1939). This quote may in fact be considered the thesis of Schindler’s “Architectural Exclusion.” As entire piece is written to explain what this means. Examples of urban design being the way a bridge was built in a city to prevent public transit to be able to drive underneath […]