The Real Downtown Atlanta- Subjectively

Every environment is influenced through lenses. For example racial, gender, or class discrepancies can be expressed in an environments basic structure. In the case of this digital environment  racial, class, and gender issues can not only be seen in the literal sense, but also the way the video is filmed.

While the video follows 16 Atlantans, only 6 of those people were different races. There were three black men, one black woman, and an Asian mother and son. There were no people of Hispanic decent featured at at all. There were more people of color featured in the background of video i.e. workers. 6 of the 16 people followed were white women. I wouldn’t call this a fair representation of the demographics found in downtown Atlanta.

Jos A Bank
Shot of JoS. A. Bank, a probable contributor to the sponsor of the video

Out of all the people followed, only one was a worker for the city of Atlanta and it was one of the three black men. As for the amount of woman, perhaps the video is attempting to say Atlanta is an equal opportunity place where women are welcome in professional business setting.

The overwhelming majority of the people followed were in business casual attire. Perhaps intentional by the sponsors of the video, a nonprofit funded by local Atlanta business and institutions and those sponsors are clearly  presented throughout. We are following a specific class of people- white collar professionals.

The camera angles and shots are careful to exclude the homeless one might frequently encounter

Shot of the playground found at Woodruff Park.
Shot of the playground found at Woodruff Park

walking down Peachtree or through Woodruff Park. The video is attempting to present this area as a family friendly environment with green space when in reality, children are rarely found around the area.

The video ends with an older white man drinking a glass of wine in the comfort of his home at the end of the day. He is also in a business suit, presumably he just got off of work. This scene is a summation of the lifestyle the “real” downtown Atlanta has to offer according to the video.

The Real Downtown Atlanta presented isn’t what I have experienced to say the least.





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  • In a society, everyone has his/her own task or work to do, that is the basis of keeping a society runs well, and different people have different careers and doing different things, that is not a big deal, and what concerns me the most is the writer says ‘there were more people of color featured in the background of video i.e. workers’ and it’s quite a normal scenario in the society. And wouldn’t that be a little aggressive to classify them as workers just because they have different color? Anyway, I hope these workers wear safety shoes when they are working.

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  • Every environment is influenced by various perspectives, including racial, gender, and class discrepancies that shape its structure. In the digital landscape, these issues are not only visible in a literal sense but also through the way videos are filmed.

    The deliberate exclusion of certain elements, such as the homeless population and the scarcity of children, presents an idealized version of downtown Atlanta. This portrayal doesn’t align with my own experiences, as it fails to capture the true essence of the city.

    education plays a crucial role in raising awareness about the complex realities of diverse communities. It’s important to seek a more comprehensive and inclusive depiction that reflects the rich tapestry of downtown Atlanta’s vibrant and diverse environment.

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