Nonprofits Organizations in the Digital Environment

Schwartz, Nancy. “Nonprofit Video: 9 Steps to Nonprofit Marketing Success, Plus Our Mistakes to Avoid.” Nonprofit Marketing Articles. Getting Attention!, n.d. Web. 29 Mar. 2016. <>.

Nancy Schwartz is a business owner and blogger who offers consulting services on market and communications to nonprofit organizations. Getting Attention is her online news letter with tidbits and insights for marketing and currently helps a number of nonprofits. Her target audience being nonprofit organizations looking to learn better business technique and strategic networking to expand or become more efficient.

Schwartz provides the reader with numerous sources and ways to learn from case studies  to articles she’s written formed from personal experience (primary sourcing).

This particular article denotes the do’s and dont’s nonprofit organizations should follow to create a successful and impactful video as we are operating “in the age of Youtube.” Although this source was published a few years ago and the internet and its users have evolved the article provides tips that still hold true as the tips are broad. She provides a step by step list outlining objective, video content, importance on audience and how style and tone of the video might influence them. I found this all specially useful when analyzing the digital environment as the video was made by a nonprofit organization. It helps understand lenses- for example why was this music chosen, what does it say about the company, who does it appeal to?


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