Internet Jargon Basics

“The Social Science Jargon Buster.” (2007): n. pag. Digital Strategy Consulting. Digital Strategy Consulting, 2007. Web. 28 Mar. 2016. <>.

Digital Strategy Consulting is a web based advisement or consultancy in operation for the last ten years to help public and private businesses, agencies, and corporations “find the right digital strategy for their market and their customers.”  They provide training and research in the current digital market to help these businesses delve into the current market. They are targeting a wide audience as most of modern marketing is done on a digital platform so any business owner with  even a website is potential audience.

The breakdown of “internet jargon” provided helps anyone delving into a digital space make sense of it with specific definitions of terms that you will find on a website. This helps with the technical side of the information you encounter, for example why an ad is there and how it is functioning when you see it.

In terms of my own digital environment, this breakdown of jargon was more useful in analyzing Youtube as a whole. For example “targeting”  and “filtering” would explain why the video I chose was presented to me in the suggested videos list. It also helps organize the videos presented to me and I can make my own deductions of what my video relates to in the digital environment based on the suggestions that came up with it.

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