Understanding New Modality

Jewitt, Carey. “An Introduction to Using Video for Research.” NCRM EPrints Repository. NCRM, 2012. Web. 28 Mar. 2016. <http://eprints.ncrm.ac.uk/2259/>.

Carey Jewitt is an author and professor at the University College London specializing in technology, communication, and media. Over the last 15 year she has researched multimodal methods as pertaining to digital spaces and teaching technological methods. Her research paper, An Introduction of Using Video for Research  focuses in on those studies as it is written in a informative matter for a students or other researchers learning how to utilize video in their own work. It could be exceptionally useful to those needing to translate old communication method to a modern  form.

In her introduction she explains that the paper, “…maps the scope and use of video for data collection, describe the qualities and features of video as a research tool for collecting data (and as data), and outlines some of the potentials of video…” quite simply meaning she points out the characteristics of video research, the uses of this research, and how one might attempt their own video research.

As pertaining to my own research the paper was a useful way of furthering my own understanding of the analysis of The Real Downtown Atlanta.  It helped me start thinking about the purpose of the video, what kind of video it is, and the company behind it. These factors all play into the what media is presented to me and the way it is presented. There were constraints with it and it did focus on a purely informational type of videography (obviously video research) and The Real Downtown Atlanta video is presenting information in a more stylistically cinematic way.


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