Central Atlanta Progress, Inc

“Central Atlanta Progress | Atlanta Downtown Improvement District.” Central Atlanta Progress | Atlanta Downtown Improvement District. Central Atlanta Progress, Inc, n.d. Web. 25 Mar. 2016 <http://www.atlantadowntown.com/>.

The Central Atlanta Progress, Inc., a private nonprofit group founded in 1941 that works in developing the downtown area through economic progress. Working in association with and funded by businesses of Atlanta CAP has been able to add to an extensive list of progress in the city. The website provides the reader with developmental plans the group has, maps of the city and neighborhood information for those looking to move to the city, gives information on destination spots, dining, and attractions for consumers looking to go out, and provides potential business partners and  council members information they need to join CAP or how to work with the organization.

It was helpful as a resource in understanding The Real Downtown Atlanta  video posted to the AtlantaDowntown Youtube channel as CAP is the the sponsoring group. The “real downtown” is filtered by the area CAP works with,” 220 blocks within an area generally bounded by North Avenue on the north, Memorial Drive on the south, Piedmont Avenue and the Downtown Connector on the east, and the Norfolk-Southern rail line on the west.” The areas shown and people followed in the video cater to a white collar middle class and hide the homeless you might actually see while hanging out in Woodruff park.

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