Understanding Color Walking

Phia Bennin and Brendan McMullan examine and test out color walking for themselves. This idea springing from William Burroughs as a mode of inspiration. The walker is to simply pick a color and try to follow it as they walk aimlessly.

The authors allowed themselves to gradually shift colors as they explored and recorded colors from the entire spectrum by object, time, and description. From the blues to pinks and purples, the pair were forced to pay attention to small details easily overlooked on your average walk. By the end of the day small details could not go unnoticed, the rooftop water tower color to the leaves on the trees took on new descriptions and new shades.

Bennin and McMullan also leaves the reader with a little advice on attempting their own color walk. They note that it is important to have uninterrupted time set apart from errands, don’t be afraid to switch up the colors you follow, and as cheesy as it sounds, follow the color your heart calls out to you.

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