Exterior Environments: Cemeteries

Kaemmerlen, Cathy. The Historic Oakland Cemetery of Atlanta: Speaking Stones. Charleston, SC: History, 2007. Google Scholar. Web. 26 Jan. 2016. Cathy Kaemmerlen, prominent southern storyteller and author, wrote The Historic Oakland Cemetery of Atlanta: Speaking Stones as an in depth overview of the history of Atlanta’s famous Oakland Cemetery. The book describes why and Oakland […]

Passages from Schindler’s “Architectural Exclusion”

Urban design is a “form of regulation” (1939). This quote may in fact be considered the thesis of Schindler’s “Architectural Exclusion.” As entire piece is written to explain what this means. Examples of urban design being the way a bridge was built in a city to prevent public transit to be able to drive underneath […]

Syllabus Quiz

What are the major projects? In a bulleted list, provide links to the project descriptions for each of them. Reading Summaries: http://spaceplacerhet.pdarrington.net/projects-2/#readingsummaries Annotated Bibliographies: http://spaceplacerhet.pdarrington.net/projects-2/#readingsummaries|2||annotatedbibs|0 Built Environment Descriptions: http://spaceplacerhet.pdarrington.net/projects-2/#bedescriptions|0 Built Environment Analysis: http://spaceplacerhet.pdarrington.net/projects-2/#beanalysis|0 Participation: http://spaceplacerhet.pdarrington.net/projects-2/#beanalysis|0||participation|0 Final Website: http://spaceplacerhet.pdarrington.net/projects-2/#beanalysis|0||participation|0||finalwebsite|0 How will your final grade be calculated? Your final grade is determined by a point system. You can earn points in a variety […]