The Faces of Tomorrow

If I had to choose an organization that pulled heartstrings, it would have to be the Children’s Aids Fund of Uganda (CAFU). CAFU is an NGO dedicated to children and families impacted by HIV. Their mission is simple – to limit the suffering of families and children impacted by HIV by providing equitable access to comprehensive HIV/AIDS services and supporting the development of healthy and productive families. In addition, CAFU offers counseling and healthcare services for infected and affected individuals, families, and communities.

My visit to CAFU was very heartwarming. We met with Dr. Jackson – director and Jacquelyne Alesi – program manager. They gave us a tour of the facility and explained what each department was responsible for doing and allowed us to move around freely throughout the facility to ask questions and meet the staff of the Family Hope Clinic (FHCC). The counselors were the most inspirational to me, they shared stories of HIV/AIDS patients and explained how mothers who transmit the disease to their offspring have difficulties revealing to their child later in life that they are HIV positive. After the tour we were given the opportunity to meet a client and his family that lived in one of the more disadvantaged areas in Kampala. The fact that we were able to meet with him and learn about his story spoke volumes about CAFU. I was so impressed with what they were able to offer their patients with such little resources.  

Certainly, this organization to me is one of the most impactful and hard-hitting establishments I have encountered in my time here in Uganda. As a mother of two it is important for me to ensure that my kids receive good health care so they have a good quality of life. I am stunned by how powerful and resilient these women are despite facing such difficulties. The help that the CAFU staff provides to these patients, families, and the communities are essential to building a healthier tomorrow.

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