UPS Working Woman



With this picture, you can notice some type of fiber optics lighting in top the left, a UPS cargo plane, a smiling woman, and a shipping factory. Without any knowledge, some would guess it has to do something with shipping or something else. This is not true. The page that I have observed is under the category high tech! Women in technology is not very big worldwide, but this was just a shock. I honestly thought it was going to be some nerdy guy in safety goggles putting some strange neon blue liquid into an Erlenmeyer flask. No, I was wrong. There is a woman o the front page, not even a robot is doing the work just a woman checking off on her clipboard. My suspicion about the fiber optics lighting is growing. What do they use it for? Is it just for aesthetics to make it look tech savvy? I’m not too sure, but it looks cool.

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