Built Environment Description DR#4


Now this bathroom, I did not like that much. This is the men’s room and you can tell by comparison of the female bathroom the differences. I arrived at the male restroom around 12:41, I was still busy trying to take pictures and other written observations of the women’s bathroom downstairs. The male restroom for lack of words was not as “presentable” as the outside of the female restroom. I find this hard to elieve because there are janitors that clean all the bathrooms so why not take care of the men’s restroom. I also noticed that the men’s room had a newspaper slot. I have never seen one of these until that day. I was quite interested in it. Also, the bathroom says handicap, but there was no handicap button to be located. Also the men had a coat rack outside the restroom which I found was pretty cool. One thing I am not envious about is the fact that the men did not well lit walls as the women had on the outside.  For the sign, I can say the same as with the women’s bathroom, with the braille being really small. I did not get to enter the bathroom, because I did not want to walk in on someone using the restroom. That would have made me uncomfortable. Hopefully the men’s room is just as warm as the women’s room.

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