Build Environment Description DR #3



In this picture, I tried to capture the handicap button that I mentioned in my previous post. Also, I wanted to capture the signage. There was a big problem with the sign for me. You cannot see what I have seen unless you go to the capitol but, the braille was super tiny on the sign. If I was a person who was visually incapable of using the bathroom, and had to use the restroom badly, I would be in big trouble. I say this because the braille was tiny and you would have to feel all over the sign just to figure out if it is a male or female designed bathroom. I was just kind of sad because the braille should have been big enough to fit across the whole top half of the sign.  The doors I think are fairly okay because you can simply push the door open if you have to rush to use the bathroom. I also like the marble texture surrounding the wooden doors. Very fancy, I would say.

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