ENGL 1102 Midterm Reflection

When I came into this class, I was not prepared for the type of “work” that I would have to complete. This class is way more about research and learning about the outside world than my normal way of an English class. The way I did English work was in the form of annotating books and writing different types of essays due to the type of literature you are reading. In my AP English and my 1101 class we did not focus on annotated bibliographies or studying the external and internal environments. We learned how to become a better writer and understand the English Language through many modes of teaching. The only similarities between then and now is the teacher’s critiquing of your work and how to make it better.

Now, that I have done all the major assignments that are going to be the same every time, I feel that it can be a bit distasteful for me. I am more of a literature type of person, I like to read and make my annotations and discuss what is going on in the book that I am reading. I know that I am not the best writer, but when I am told to research an external environment and do some intensive background checks about the environment and make an argument out of it. It feels like you are telling me to tightrope across the Empire State Building to the Sears Tower, while baking a cake. I can be a bit overwhelmed by the research sometimes. This can make me uncomfortable and stressed at times when I should not feel that way. I know that I need a bit more practice because, I do not do well with something that I am not use to, so I will look more into my books when I actually get the chance to do so.

I do not exactly know my strengths as a writer because all I get back are critiques pointing out my flaws and how to improve what I did, but not feedback on what I did correctly and what should stay and what should change. I did not get the chance to do extra credit activities because I do not have an adequate amount of time to do everything. Some professors feel as if they are the only professor in the world and tack on so much frivolous work. Some classes I have not had time to even read the books they required because I am up til 3 am on a school day trying to complete work they are most likely not going to grade. I really do try my best to do as much reading but it is hard. I say this because my film professor likes to assign three hour long movies to analyze. Three hours would be great to actually have to do other work,but other things get in the way of that.

I am not happy about my work in this class, because I really would like to do more for my work and learn how to improve, but I am usually drained by the time I arrive to class and many of my classes. I do organize my time, but I can never put in time to do reading and other things that may not be due the next day. I will try to push aside some of the work I do now and try to do more work for this class, because I want to improve and do better, in order to pass the class. I will do more of the writer’s help assignments and the quizzes. This will help my grade and help me learn how to improve in my work. Also , I need to revise my work for more points which help tremendously.

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