Reading Summary 4 Bathroom Body Battle

The article,” Making Bathrooms More Accommodating”, by Emily Bazelon, is a very intriguing article about one of the most private places in the world, the bathroom. The article talks about the importance of how “gender” can be a hindrance when trying to use the public restroom. Cis men and women may not think of it as a problem, but those that are transgendered do not know which stall to enter. They fear of the feedback they will get because of them trying to use the restroom as a sex they relate to more. The article talks about a middle school child who is allowed to change with the girls, but was not born a girl. This may seem okay at this school, but other places this is not okay. Some people are awed at the fact that the opposite sex will enter the same bathrooms them. Some feminists think that the making of unisex bathrooms are still trying to appeal to men, because the transgendered woman was once a man. There are others that support segregate bathrooms. People of the LGBTQ community have written literary pieces based on public restrooms. The whole purpose of this article is to inform the audience on the issue that surrounds coed bathrooms, and why they should or should not be built to “accommodate” those who are transgendered.

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