Midtown Showdown

“Major Paper–David Fowler.PDF – Download.” Web. 5 Feb. 2016.

David P. Fowler, is a Virginia Tech student who is currently working on research based on neighborhood organization in Midtown Atlanta, his work is called, Midtown Atlanta, Privatized Planning in an Urban Neighborhood; the research includes talks of how Atlantic Station is connected to which class will be the ruling majority of consumers, and how can it be hospitable to fit their needs. The “mix-use development” was designed to improve the area, which was once the Atlanta Steel Mill, the ruling favor on if the project should be completed, was an “upscale, single family residential neighborhood surrounding a country club”, which by that one quote seems very elitist, the planners had no survey of the urban poor intake on if the project shall be completed. The author’s purpose is to make people aware of how their neighborhoods are constructed and who gets their input on how it shall be constructed, and who can “stay”. The intended audience are those who live in Midtown Atlanta, but more specifically on this section, those of who live at Atlantic station and how they can improve how their area is used, and who can participate in the new development. This source is useful because it gives information on why and how Atlantic Station was constructed, who gave the okay to be built.

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