Hirt is Wrong !!!

Godschalk, David R. “Comment on Hirt: U.S. Zoning: Mixed Use by Design.” Journal of the American Planning Association Sept. 2007: 451–453. Web. 5 Feb. 2016.


David R. Godschalk, FAICP (dgod@email.unc.edu) , is Professor emeritus. Department of City and Regional Planning, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and co-author of UrbanLand Use Planning (fifth edition. University Of Illinois Press, 2006), he commented on Hirt, and titled his work, U.S. Zoning: Mixed Use by design, which is based on how neighborhoods are designed not to separate, but to “integrate”. I feel that he is wrong and Hirt is right because Hirt concluded that “Fear of change, and its effect on property values, is an overriding characteristic of built-up neighborhoods of existing single-family homes have been shielded from other use-types.”; I believe that is true because when they build a new urban “diverse area” then it may attract “certain people” and lead to degradation of property and such, which scares these elites because they have invested in their home just for it to downgrade. The author’s purpose is to inform that Mr. Hirt is indeed incorrect about mix-use property being selective and not used everywhere. The intended audience are those who are studying mix-use design and how it can affect people living nearby and how to continue to use mix-use design to its fullest potential. The source is useful because it tells how new areas are constructed to fit and economically change an area, that was really not bringing in anything major to the surrounding city.


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