Classy Able Bodied “American” Americans





Hutch, Daniel. “Building New Coalitions around Brownfield Development.” POLICY MATTERS 31 (2005): 31-35.


Daniel Hutch, is an economist with the US Environmental Protection Agency in the Office of Policy Economics and Innovation, Building Coalitions around Brownfield Development, talks about how Atlantic Station is ecofriendly, this lead to new jobs and better housing, but for whom? “…according to the laws of supply and demand, restrict develop-able land, increase the cost of land and housing, and lead to reduced supply of affordable housing that would disproportionately hurt the poor.” This being said means this station can only truly help those of a certain income, the “poor” really means people of color, who are usually in this bracket. I believe this means that Atlantic Station was originally set for people of a higher class, which leads is racism and class-ism. In my observation, I noticed that the living areas were high end and did not have that “family-friendly” feel to it. It is geared to those with not a big family and can afford high-end living. The intended audience is those who work for the government, who can change the living standards, and citizens who are, disabled, low income, and a person of color. This new development that was geared on equality and diversity, truly is not. The source is useful for people to gain more knowledge of their built environment and how they can be a disadvantage to some.

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