Sexism is Alive and Well….. by Nejai White & Tizhana Turner.

Hosey, Lance. “Sexism Is Alive and Well in Architecture.” The Huffington Post., 13 July 2015. Web. 28 Jan. 2016. <>.

Lance Hosey, the Chief Sustainability Officer for Perkins Eastman, an international architectural firm , claims in his blog that “Sexism is Alive and Well in Architecture”. Women’s bodies are objectified in the creation of architectural buildings. The kind of evidence used were surveys, interviews, video samples, lyrics, and images. The purpose is to create less sexist architecture. The audience that is being called upon are female architects and women. The source is useful because he had many mediums of evidence to back up his argument on sexism in architecture. He is a architect and has a number one bestselling book on architecture, making him very reliable.

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