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The Article “Tapestry of Space” is a really good article to read. The article is focused on Margaret Morton’s, ” The Tunnel.  Ms. Nersessova, talks about the reality of the homeless living in New York City. The article goes in detail about how Ms. Morton goes around taking pictures of the homeless and letting them tell a piece of their life to her. The whole point of this article is to inform the reader on how these people use their little to none resources to build a “safe environment”. Some do not utilize their resources they choose to live in tunnels below the city. The people that chose to live in the tunnels say that it is safer because most people do not venture into the tunnels. On one account, one homeless fellow had to remove himself from the tunnel because it began to consume him.

From another aspect, some people believe that the homeless people are inhumane. Which is not true they have art and culture within their communities that they build. Mr. Lee was a man with a great imagination and he was very caring. He took care of the stray animals and made up passports for his “family to show of all the places that they had visited. Unfortunately, Mr. Lee died in his house by a fire caused by an arsonist. The only living memory of him are his pictures that did not perish away. A lot of the people who see these shanty towns and houses do not think of the people that live in them. The city demolishes the homes or some arsonist comes by and sets fire to the homes that these people took time to build or renovate.

The main idea of this article is to  inform the intended reader that they should be more compassionate towards homeless people and try to make a change in their lives because many of them need help. This is true because one vagrant once stated that being in a shelter was not a good place for him. These people who search the city looking for materials to build a home because they don’t have a person or place to turn to s very sad . Margeret Morton wants to wake up the people of America and tell them to give a lending hand,

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