Campus Policy

 Georgia State University (GSU) promotes a clean, healthy, productive and safe environment for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

 Smoking and tobacco use, of any kind, is prohibited on all GSU owned and/or leased locations/premises; all internal and external areas; all parking garages and parking lots; and in all GSU owned and/or leased vehicles. Smoking is also prohibited within 25-feet of all GSU building entrances and exits. University Housing will designate limited exterior smoking/tobacco use areas within the grounds of residential facilities.

 GSU reserves the right to initiate disciplinary procedures against any individual found to be in continuous violation of this policy; however all faculty, staff, and students have a collective responsibility to promote the safety and health of the campus community, and, therefore, share in the responsibility of enforcement. Individuals observed smoking/using tobacco are to be reminded in a professional and courteous manner of this policy.