Kyle Frantz, Ph.D.

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1st day back for Spring Semester at Georgia State University
Photo credit: Meg Laskey Buscema/ Georgia State University

Dr. Kyle Frantz is a Professor and Science Educator in the Neuroscience Institute and Department of Biology at GSU. She received her BA in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, then her Ph.D. from the University of Florida in 1998. Dr. Frantz manages two research programs: science education research and lab research. In science education, she analyzes efficacy of training interventions by coordinating and evaluating an 8-week summer high school program and undergraduate programs such as BRAIN, NET/work, and IMSD. In lab research, she investigates vulnerability to addictive drugs in adolescent vs. adult rats, using intravenous drug self-administration and related techniques. Frantz’s teaching includes Adolescent Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Social Psychology, as well as Biology, Neurobiology, Reward & Reinforcement, and Neuroscience Education. At the university level, she is launching a new initiative that supports students in trajectories toward Ph.D., MD, and JD degrees: The Center for the Advancement of Students and Alumni (CASA).

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