Kay Hudson

Kay Hudson is the Project Coordinator for both the Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD) program within the Neuroscience Institute, and for the Center for the Advancement of Students and Alumni into Graduate and Professional Programs (CASA), which serves as an institutional hub that supports the progression of students from all backgrounds into medical, law school, and Ph.D. programs. Her responsibilities include, but are not limited to; coordinating education program workshops and symposia. Kay graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts with a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies (Cum Laude), with a self-designed focus on the Art and Structure of Storytelling. She also holds a degree in Advertising Sales, with a minor in Graphic Design from Mount Ida College School of Business. In addition to her academic pursuits, Kay has worked as an Editor and Creative Marketing Manager for a variety of leading digital media companies and has served as national press for animation studios such as Disney Films, Sony Pictures, and more. Her duties included transforming creative ideas into cohesive content for a variety of platforms —web, mobile apps, YouTube, and social channels which targeted African-American moms and children.

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