Humanities Inclusivity Program (HIP)


Humanities Inclusivity Program (HIP): Research Application 2019-2020

Georgia State University’s new Center for the Advancement of Students and Alumni into Graduate School and Professional Programs (CASA) serves as an institutional hub that supports the progression of students from all backgrounds into Ph.D. programs, medical school, law school, or related pathways. We note that some students might want to earn a master’s degree before entering Ph.D. or medical school programs, and we aim to support those transitions as well. Ultimately, the center will help to develop a diverse population of leaders in academic and professional positions in the U.S. and beyond. The HIP program is a 2-year commitment with paid research assistantship, required research presentations, participating in faculty-led reading groups, program-specific events, and professional development workshops. 

APPLY HERE:  Humanities Inclusivity Program (HIP): Research Application 2019

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  April 3, 2019 at 11:59 pm.


·       Undergraduate, full-time humanities degree-seeking student at Georgia State University

·       Student should be interested in pursuing a humanities Ph.D., but may also include students that would like to earn a master’s degree before entering other programs

·       Student should be majoring in English; African American Studies; Anthropology; Applied Linguistics; Art with a concentration in Art History; Film and Media Studies; History; Music with a concentration in Music Theory; Philosophy; Religious Studies; Sociology; Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; World Languages and Cultures; Modern and Classical Languages; and Political Science with a concentration in Political Theory

·       Applicants must be interested, motivated, and prepared to conduct research with a faculty member, although prior research experience is not required

·       Applicants may identify research mentors on the Atlanta campus to submit with their application materials, otherwise they will receive assistance with finding a faculty mentor in May of 2019

·       Expected graduation year between 2021-2023

·       Application is open to international students, as well as U.S. citizens, non-citizen nationals, and permanent residents

·       Individuals from demographic groups underrepresented in the U.S. professoriate are especially encouraged to apply (including those who identify as African American/African descent/Black, Hispanic/Latino/Latina, Pacific Islander, Native Hawaiian, or Native Alaskan, individuals with documented disabilities, students receiving Pell Grant financial aid, and/or first-generation college-bound students)

·       All applicants must be hard-working, collaborative, persistent, and curious, with high attention to detail and good time management skills 


·       Paid research assistantships at Georgia State (average of 20 hours/week during Summer and 15 hours/week during Fall/Spring semesters)

·       Pay rate of $20/hour (Requires completion of employment documents at the Human Resources Office located at One Park Place, Atlanta campus, as soon as admission to the summer research programs)

·       Program is ideally suited for those that are willing to make a two-year commitment to a faculty mentor, research endeavors, presentation of research, and participation in faculty-led reading groups and professional development workshops

·       Professional development workshops on developing scholarly projects, building professional relationships in graduate school, researching using archives or primary/secondary resources, and more 


HIP Program Orientation

·       Research Orientation on April 22, 2019 from 3:30-5:00 PM at 55 Park Place, Suite 320

Summer Workshops

·       Thursdays from June 6 – August 1, 2019, 12:30-3:30PM at 55 Park Place, Suite 320

·       Led by Kyle Frantz, Ph.D., Denise Davidson, Ph.D., and guest faculty or graduate student instructors

·       Topics may include developing scholarly projects, building professional relationships in graduate school, researching using archives or primary/secondary resources, and more

Summer Research Symposium

·       Attendance and participation in poster presentations or oral reports on Summer accomplishments on August 7, 2019

March 8 – Applications open
April 3 – Applications deadline
April 8 – Interviews
April 15 – Notification of program invitation
April 19 – Acceptance due
April 22 – Orientations
May 28 – Program launch
June – Professional development workshops
July – Professional development workshops
August 7 – Summer symposium


Apply here: Humanities Inclusivity Program (HIP): Research Application 2019

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