Reflections on the Creative Process


Every creative develops a unique process that allows them to explore their inquiries and create their best work. Processes are often identified, tested, labeled, and replicated in order to teach others how to engage in creative work. But, processes are difficult to translate into one-size-fits-all packages because individuals take them up in different ways. As we work toward refining our creative processes, it is often helpful to hear how others describe how they work. Sometimes there are similarities across our processes and when we are struggling, it can be inspiring to hear how other artists work. 

This week, we’re sharing invitations to read something,  listen to something, watch something, and do something that will help you explore the concept of “process” in the creative community. Hopefully, this collection will inspire you to experiment with different aspects of your process and to begin carefully articulating what works best for you.

Click on the images below to explore how other artists describe their creative processes: