What makes a gift creative?


Watching a child open a gift brings joy to both the giver and the receiver. Perhaps this is why so many of us search high and low for the perfect gift. When the markets are flooded with books, toys, gadgets, and devices, how do we choose a thoughtful gift? If we want to provide children with experiences that foster their senses of wonder and exploration, we must ask ourselves if the gift encourages them to think creatively.

Creative gifts provide children with opportunities to practice skills that will serve them throughout their lives. So, as you’re walking the aisles at the local toy store or surfing the web, consider how those toys and gadgets address the following points:

Creative gifts are process-starters.

A creative gift invites children to engage in a process of developing ideas and then tinkering with tools to bring these ideas to life. Will the gift spark the child’s interest and initiate the creative process?

Creative gifts are generative.

A creative gift provides opportunities for multiple experiences. In other words, there is no “one-way” to use the toy or device, instead it can be used for a variety of purposes. Will the gift surprise the child with new and different experiences?

Creative gifts are an invitation to act. 

A creative gift is not something to be consumed, but rather a call to do something. Will the gift encourage the child to be active in doing something creatively?

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