Funding your dreams: Scholarships, Loans, and Financial Information


When considering an advanced degree, we all ask the same questions: how much will it cost and how will I pay for it?

There are numerous opportunities for scholarships, aid, and other forms of financial assistance, but figuring out what applies to you is half the battle. To help you begin your search, we have compiled a list of helpful links for information about the ways Georgia State University can support you through our office of Student Financial Services.

  • Before you search for aid, scholarships, or loan opportunities, it’s important to know how much your degree will cost. Use this COST CALCULATOR to estimate the total cost for completing a Masters Degree at Georgia State.
  • When applying for a graduate degree, make sure you search for scholarships that are designated for graduate students. To simplify this process, you may want to attend a workshop through the Student Financial Services office.
  • For a direct link to a list of scholarships specific to graduate students, click HERE.
  • When you have been officially accepted to a Georgia State Graduate Program, you will have access to a scholarship data base that allows you to search internal and external scholarships that apply to your degree program. Click HERE to access the scholarship database.
  • If you work in K-12 education, you may be eligible for scholarships specific to public-school educators. For more information about opportunities available to educators, check out the scholarships and fellowships through the College of Education and Human Development.
  • Georgia State University now offers a payment plan that allow you to defer payment for up to 50% of the current term’s tuition and mandatory fees OR 50% of their account balance, whichever is less. For more information about this payment plan, click HERE.
  • There may be study abroad opportunities that can apply to your interests. If so, there are funding possibilities through the university. To learn more about study abroad scholarships, click HERE.

As always, we are here to help answer your questions about The Master of Arts in Creative & Innovative Education. If you have specific questions about scholarships and financial aid that are not addressed through these links, your questions will be best answered through the Office of Student Financial Services. Click HERE for their contact information.