Digital Description

GGC College

The Georgia Gwinnett College was founded in 2006. It was the 1st four-year college founded in Georgia in more than 100 years. The college is located in Lawrenceville Georgia in the center of Gwinnett county. There are 11,000 students enrolled in the school. These 11,00 students along with students who wish to enroll in the school access the GGC website to answer their questions and concerns. The website address is

The main campus of GGC
The main campus of GGC

The site showcases all of the different things that the college has to offer. The five tabs are About GGC, Admissions, Academics, Student Life, and Athletics It uses these tabs to direct people to where they should go. The search tool is also used to help people navigate the site.

The sight uses an array of pictures of students as well as color to target its audience. The pictures that they use show diverse students with smiling faces to attract people to particular bits of information.

Color is also used to attract people to and away from certain things. The main color scheme of the website is green and white with a blue background. This color stays consistent throughout the entire website. The only variation in color is on the Athletics tab were the color green can be seen the prevalent.

The second variation in color is the color yellow that can be seen on the apply sign. This used to attract people to applying to the college.

The website doesn’t make me feel any particular way because it is not meant to make you feel anyway. The colors are bright, not bright enough to lighten my mood. The colors also not dark enough to make me feel bad. The website is also meant to be more professional not to be flashy enough to attract my attention and make me happy. Yet, not so dull that that I get uninterested.

All in all, the GGC website a good website that allows its users to navigate through the site easily and find exactly what it is they are looking for. It is a great first impression for those thinking of enrolling and can be very helpful to students already enrolled.

A  happy GGC student
A happy GGC student

Digital Description: Digital Record 1-7

    • This is the first view that someone has when they enter the site. It showcases everything that the site has. The tool bar is a very helpful and anyone can navigate it. The slide show of pictures and informational paragraphs throughout it can show incoming students or enrolled students about the campus
    • This is the first tab on the website. On it individuals can learn about every aspect of the GGC. They can read up on everything from the president to the various departments at the school. They can also learn about all the history of the school. The students are also able to get a glance of the diversity of the campus.
    • This is the second tab on the website. It has many pictures and a lot of information. Being that it is the admissions tab it has the information that a student thinking of enrolling would need to and want to know. It also has a lot of pictures of happy smiling students.
    • This is the third tab of the website, which shows the students everything that they would need to know about the academics at the school. This tab appeals to both enrolled and unenrolled students. The colors in this tab are just like the colors everywhere on the website.
    1. This is the fourth tab of the website which is basically like the other tabs. It has all the same colors, and the same design as the others. The only difference is that this particular tab has much more smiling students. The tab also has examples everything that a student hoping to or enrolled in the college would need to know.
    • This is the 5th lab and last tab of the website. When you click on this tab it takes you directly to separate website for athletics. This website has a lot of green white and grey. And has many pictures students playing various sport. This is the perfect place for students to find about sports and how to join them at GGC.
    • The apply button is the only portion of the website that changes in color scheme. It is bold and yellow and attracts a viewer’s eye automatically. Because of this color nobody would be able to miss the apply button. This was strategically done by the people who created the website.

Digital Description: Field Notes

  • At first glace the website looks professional but simple enough that a person can navigate it easily
  • Off the bat I can tell the school colors are green and white, with a hint of blue.
  • As I navigate the site I see the
    • the president
    • different departments at the school diverse student: black, white,Asian, and so on
    • there is also an equal amount of women and men shown
    • there weren’t much older people unless they headed a department
  • The search bar at the top of the page is a very good one. I typed in president for example and all the information on the president of the university appeared.
  • the colors in this are pretty sable
  • green is the main color and blue is in the background.
    • the only time there is a various in color is when they want people apply to the college
      • when that is the case it is in yellow.
  • All in all, this is a great site. If someone wanted to find out information about ggc it would be easy for them to do so.

Reading Summary 6: Content Control

Example of Content Blocker
Example of Content Blocker

In the article “Better Online Living through Content, Moderation”, Melissa king, informs the reader on the issues of harassment and abuse that happens on the internet. She specifically talks about content control tools which are extremely important yet are opposed by individuals who have a misinformed opinion on the use of these tools.


She begins the article my explaining how content control tools can block certain information from appearing on internet user’s screens. She explains how these tools ae helpful but opposed in the popular culture because those who need to use these tools are often seen as week or too sensitive. And for many victims of who need these tools it is seen that they should just deal with the problem, also that it is their fault.

She then goes on to explain Computer- Chair Psychology, where the issue of the exposure theory came up. Because of this theory those that oppose this feel like victims shouldn’t have a problem with being exposed to harassment or situations that remind them of their past harassment. This goes along with the fact that many of those that oppose content control see internet abuse as just words so it wouldn’t matter if victims were exposed to this. The author brings up how viewing things in this way are completely flawed because “long term exposure to threating situations, such as online harassment can cause PTSD.” Exposure doesn’t help but harms the victim.


Threating legal Resources are the next things presented. An example of Content control is blacklist which are list of people or things that an internet users can be blocked from seeing. Though this tool is extremely helpful for victims many times internet users who are not harassers are placed on this list simply because of certain viewpoints that others find offensive. This may cause these individuals to disagree with the use of content control. The author urges these individuals to consider “how vicious and pervasive online harassment can be.” And to try and understand where the victim is coming from.

The author believes that content tools are helpful for those who can’t live by the saying “don’t feed the trolls.” And that people should be accepting of the psychological and sociological factors of online abuse before forming an opinion on content control.

Harassment can be detrimental to individuals.
Harassment can be detrimental to individuals.


The authors viewpoints are valid and should be considered. She presented her information is a very clear way that helped the reader fully understand the topic. The only thing that the author could have done differently was present some scientific information or a study in the writing to make it less opinionated and more factual. Other than that the article is a great that if read will open the minds of people who may have never considered this information in the past.