Peachtree Street Description: Exterior


2-thumb_jpgPeachtree Street is located in a busy area of Atlanta Georgia. The street was built decades ago, but in the last twenty years it has developed into a busy area that is very well known throughout the country.

The street starts at Five Points in downtown Atlanta, through Midtown. It then turns into Peachtree road when it enters Bulkhead.untitledStanding the middle of Peachtree Street the smell of car exhaust, burning from construction, and the collision of aromas from restaurants hit you the the face. This along with the of sounds of trucks, music from various business and talking people, can give person a sensory overload.

Center of Peachtree Street

Peachtree street has many tall buildings, hotels, various restaurants, banks, and more.There is a tie between elegance and attractiveness throughout the street. There are tall crisp buildings that have people dressed in suits walking in and out. These buildings are bland in color usually white, gray, or brown.

This elegance can be seen from ground which has a bricked design on the sidewalk and street. To the intricate designs that are in the tall buildings.

There are  also restaurants with huge colorful signs that have  joyous people eating inside.The restaurants have mostly bright colors from red to green. These signs have to be bold because of monstrous size of everything else on the street, if it wasn’t this size the signs wouldn’t be noticed.

IMG_20160209_131448 [26868]
Huge colorful signs
Peachtree street is very easy to navigate, if you are walking or driving at a time when it is not busy. Though if  you are there at a busy time it may take you awhile to get past that particular street to another. The analysis that I did at one o’clock in the afternoon was kind of difficult because I couldn’t stop to write my notes without having someone abruptly brushing past me. Though it may take you some time to walk down the street it is okay because Peachtree Street makes you feel happy or elegant either is great. Overall Peachtree street is a place for anyone who wants to have a great time, look wealthy, spend money, go to work in a suit, see flashy signs and colors, walk on cool sidewalks, or eat really good food. All in all, Peachtree Street is for everyone!


Digital Recording: Exterior

This is a clip of the sound on Peachtree street, which is very loud. The main sound that you can hear is cars. In the very back ground you can hear music from various businesses, people walking on the side walk, bags rustling, and much more. This a great example of what a busy day on Peachtree street would sound like.


Digital Recording: Exterior

IMG_20160209_131737 [40333]
The sidewalk on Peachtree Street isn’t like normal sidewalks on average Atlanta streets. These sidewalks are tiled with designs. This shows how the designers wanted Peachtree Street to have a different feel from other parts of Atlanta. Even most of the streets have these patterns. So from the ground to the top of the building there is a sense of elegance and superiority.


Digital Recording: Exterior

IMG_20160209_131944 [26873]
First off I almost got arrested for taking this picture, but I am stubborn so I took it anyway. These are flags of various countries. This place doesn’t seem to fit in with the general aesthetic of Peachtree Street. It just kind of pops out from the glamorous and elegant buildings. It is a big area guarded by a security guard sitting right next to a CVS.

Digital Recording: Exterior

IMG_20160209_131432 [40330]
This is a great example of the huge signs across many building at Peachtree street. This sign shows the contrast between flashy colors and elegant simple colors of some establishments. The Westin is a high end hotel and you can tell just by the crisp smooth edges of the building and sign as well as the plain and dull colors.

Digital Recording: Exterior

IMG_20160209_131151 [40332]
This is a sign that was outside of a restaurant. It is a bright color which is deliberate. This is smart and effective, the sign caught my eye immediately. The sign is also right in the path were people walk on the side walk. This is smart because a person has no chose but to look at the sign. There are a lot of these signs up and down Peachtree street.