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GGC College

The Georgia Gwinnett College was founded in 2006. It was the 1st four-year college founded in Georgia in more than 100 years. The college is located in Lawrenceville Georgia in the center of Gwinnett county. There are 11,000 students enrolled in the school. These 11,00 students along with students who wish to enroll in the school access the GGC website to answer their questions and concerns. The website address is

The main campus of GGC
The main campus of GGC

The site showcases all of the different things that the college has to offer. The five tabs are About GGC, Admissions, Academics, Student Life, and Athletics It uses these tabs to direct people to where they should go. The search tool is also used to help people navigate the site.

The sight uses an array of pictures of students as well as color to target its audience. The pictures that they use show diverse students with smiling faces to attract people to particular bits of information.

Color is also used to attract people to and away from certain things. The main color scheme of the website is green and white with a blue background. This color stays consistent throughout the entire website. The only variation in color is on the Athletics tab were the color green can be seen the prevalent.

The second variation in color is the color yellow that can be seen on the apply sign. This used to attract people to applying to the college.

The website doesn’t make me feel any particular way because it is not meant to make you feel anyway. The colors are bright, not bright enough to lighten my mood. The colors also not dark enough to make me feel bad. The website is also meant to be more professional not to be flashy enough to attract my attention and make me happy. Yet, not so dull that that I get uninterested.

All in all, the GGC website a good website that allows its users to navigate through the site easily and find exactly what it is they are looking for. It is a great first impression for those thinking of enrolling and can be very helpful to students already enrolled.

A  happy GGC student
A happy GGC student

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