Digital Description: Digital Record 1-7

    • This is the first view that someone has when they enter the site. It showcases everything that the site has. The tool bar is a very helpful and anyone can navigate it. The slide show of pictures and informational paragraphs throughout it can show incoming students or enrolled students about the campus
    • This is the first tab on the website. On it individuals can learn about every aspect of the GGC. They can read up on everything from the president to the various departments at the school. They can also learn about all the history of the school. The students are also able to get a glance of the diversity of the campus.
    • This is the second tab on the website. It has many pictures and a lot of information. Being that it is the admissions tab it has the information that a student thinking of enrolling would need to and want to know. It also has a lot of pictures of happy smiling students.
    • This is the third tab of the website, which shows the students everything that they would need to know about the academics at the school. This tab appeals to both enrolled and unenrolled students. The colors in this tab are just like the colors everywhere on the website.
    1. This is the fourth tab of the website which is basically like the other tabs. It has all the same colors, and the same design as the others. The only difference is that this particular tab has much more smiling students. The tab also has examples everything that a student hoping to or enrolled in the college would need to know.
    • This is the 5th lab and last tab of the website. When you click on this tab it takes you directly to separate website for athletics. This website has a lot of green white and grey. And has many pictures students playing various sport. This is the perfect place for students to find about sports and how to join them at GGC.
    • The apply button is the only portion of the website that changes in color scheme. It is bold and yellow and attracts a viewer’s eye automatically. Because of this color nobody would be able to miss the apply button. This was strategically done by the people who created the website.

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