In Class Free Writing: March 28

Im focused on the effect of color in the built environment. In the interior, exterior, and digital environment. The main things that I plan on focusing on are the effects on mood, perception, and reactions that has the individual. All of things can affect a person tremodusly for instance if they walk  into a colorful room vs a room of all black, or white that would greatly change their mood , perception, and reactions.

I also want to focus on why builders and interior designers pick the colors that they do when constructing the built environment. They do this for the needs of the customer who’s mood is effected as well as the perceptions of the space , and their reactions to the space.

I will mainly use information that I have gathered from annotated bibliographies to explain my information. I will also use different class readings to help me explain the concept of the effects of color. And add in information that I have learned from the exterior, interior, and digital built environment descriptions that I have done.

Color has been an instrumental part of every thing that I have done in this class so it won’t be hard for me to find this information and relay into what I plan on doing.

This project for me will be a fairly simple one that can possibly help me in the future with different school assignments. But also just in my everyday life when I view color in an built environment.

I am also thinking about focusing on the effects of lighting in a built environment. I didn’t only focus on color I did many annotated biographies on light and this ties hand in hand with color. The only draw back with like is that it only really matters in the interior built environment were natural light or darkness isn’t as prevalent. So this may be the only thing that sops me from using this. If I have enough information to make a sizable case with just color alone i will just focus on color alone. But if I need to add in light I will.

All in all, this will be a simple task for me to complete because of al the information that I have gathered on the subject.


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