Reading Summary 6

The article “Color Walk” describes a tool that is made to change the average perspective on everyday beauty in nature and our surroundings. Bennin and McMullan, the authors of this writing, first mention William Burroughs. He was a novelist, teacher, artist, and dabbled in spoken word. He created an activity that wouldn’t take too long, and would hopefully change the outlooks of his students.he called it color walks. The goal was to go for a stroll around your area, and look for a specific color in your surroundings. By doing so, the participant would start to focus in on the red of a bike, or the different hues of blue around them.
The authors of this article took this a step forward by changing the rules. They allowed you to focus on a color that grabbed your attention, then move to a different color if it also did. These colors would transition from one object to the next, pulling the attention until something even more vibrant came along. This is much easier to say than do. While writing this I tried to focus on the task, but kept getting distracted by my own thoughts. Eventually, I started to try less and succeed more.That’s when I noticed that once you started getting into the groove of looking at a color, and focusing on its contrast to the objects around it, it become very easy, and almost meditative. It reminded me of the new trend of adult coloring books. It was relaxing and changed the way I viewed our world.
Even after the activity is over, the authors noticed that the colors still hung in their brains and their minds. They felt different, maybe more perceptive. Even more, their view of Macroscopic view changed to focus on the little things. Maybe they had been missing it all along.

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