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No Demise for the Traditional Resume

Despite the numerous technological changes that have taken place over the years, I strongly believe most organizations still request a traditional resume and employers notwithstanding want to hold a resume in their hands as everyone is not digital-age savvy. In regards to non-traditional resumes, it happens to be a good way to make a great impression depending on the type of job a person is seeking. Regarding social media profiles, candidates might like the idea of being able to showcase their resume, work samples, and explain what they can offer to the company as an employee.

Which of the alternative formats do you think suits you the best? Of all the alternatives available I like the video CV and brochure the best. This is because the video CV serves as a great opportunity to sell my credentials, show off my personality and my presentation skills. It can portray me to the employer as someone who would go the extra mile to land the job and as someone put a lot of thought into making the video. In addition, using the template of a brochure for my resume seems unique, unusual and definitely looks like a sure way to stand out from the crowd.

Personally, as the internet, social media, and of course the ideas from people continue to evolve, I doubt traditional resumes will ever be considered as outdated as there are people who still appreciate a hardcopy resume. In summary, it is here to stay!

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