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Blog Post #5: Statement of Interest

For our upcoming service learning project, I would like to be considered for the position of technical coordinator.  Should that not happen, my second preference is to be considered for the position of copywriter.

I am interested in the position of technical coordinator for a few reasons.  The first reason is simply that I thoroughly enjoy reading, writing, and revising different works, while also adding my own flavor.  Having an efficient reading level and effective writing/revising skills are two vital tools that will give you the edge in the work place and I feel that I posses both attributes.    I am currently an English major, entering my final year with a focus on rhetoric and composition.  I have worked with many different forms of writing, presentation formats, and taken different roles while working in group projects during my time here at Georgia State.  With all this experience, I feel that I can decide with confidence different means for presenting and creating artifacts depending on what the artifact is.  My experience with the role of copywriter (I was the copyeditor for my group while taking an editing class here at GSU) will also help me with the editing and polishing of digital media artifacts.  I like to remain organized and feel that tools like Google Docs and Drop box assist in this process.  I have used both in several different classes so I feel comfortable with the programs.

I am available by phone at all times, as long as I am not working or at least busy.  I currently work as a valet so my hours tend to run late into the evening but I check my phone pretty frequently.  Same goes for email, as I am on my computer for hours each day.  I work well with others, enjoy problem solving (especially when it comes to document design, clarity, simplicity), and I am patient.  My father also works as a technical coordinator so his insight and advice will help me along the way.  I hope you choose me to perform one of the tasks I have discussed.

-Brian Forero

Blog #5 – Statement of (General) Interest (Technical Coordinator, Copywriter, Project Manager)

For the project, I would like to be considered for the role of Technical Coordinator. I am a Computer Science major and am obsessed with technology. I can learn pretty much any software I’m needed to. I spend a lot of time organizing data in Excel spreadsheets for my job. I would say that I’m obsessed with data; I’ve been obsessed with the metadata of my music collection since middle school. Last week, I spent several hours creating a form in Google Docs, mostly for the sake of familiarizing myself with the tools.

I think it’s fair to say that I’m pretty versatile. During late elementary school, I developed an interest in building websites. Throughout middle school, I created several blogs and web forums, some of which were mildly successful and used by both classmates and friends. During high school, I founded a film production club, created a song from vocal stems that I recorded for a friend’s choral group (so that he could submit it for a national competition), and also managed the social media pages for two bands and my uncle (during his 2012 Congressional campaign).

I feel that my familiarity with various software applications combined with my experience in working with people in different fields makes me a good fit for this position. I already have ideas for how I can create a collaborative work environment for my team and ensure that the final product is the best one we, as a team, are capable of creating.

If I’m not elected for the position of Technical Coordinator, I’d be just as comfortable working as a Copywriter. In my senior year of high school, I was a (brutal) body copy editor for my school’s yearbook; there was one occasion where I made a student rewrite the content on their page because I didn’t think it was good enough. I may seem unpleasant and even a bit pretentious, but I have very high standards for the content that I produce. I would honestly be fine with any being assigned any of the roles except for the role of designer – I’ve never been much of a visual artist.

I can be reached via Skype, Google Talk, LinkedIn, e-mail, and text/iMessage.
My schedule is extremely flexible, so feel free to contact me any time.

Awkward Freshman ID
Contact Info
Skype – asubtlewind
Google Talk/e-mail –
LinkedIn –
Phone – 678-982-6194

Blog # 5: Project 4 Statements of Interest and Project Manager Selection

This week, everyone will post in response to this prompt by midnight Sunday, September 28. Make sure to identify your post with the category “Project and Role Selection” and the category associated with your first preference for a team role (e.g., “Creative Designer” if that’s your first choice).

*****If you would like to take on the role of Project Manager, please try to post in response as early as possible, so that your peers have time to review your qualifications and express their working group preferences.*****

Process Overview

This week we discussed job descriptions for each of the important team roles associated with Project 4: Service Learning Project.

By midnight Sunday, you will all post to this blog a statement of interest. Your draft resumes are already shared with your peers on Marca under Online Professional Profile > Stage 1. You will review each other’s resumes and the project proposals that our clients have submitted and then communicate your preferences regarding two things: 1) Your top three choices among the proposals, and 2) Your preferences for Project Manager selection. Your votes will determine which projects we will accept from our service learning clients, and will influence which individuals will take on the Project Manager role for each of the four Project 4 working groups. Continue reading Blog # 5: Project 4 Statements of Interest and Project Manager Selection

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