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Blog #5 Statement of Interest

Researcher / Copywriter

For the purpose of this project I would like to be considered for the role of Researcher. I believe that I am strongly suited for the role because of my research and organizational skills. I have filled the role of project manager many times for past projects and have been successful in that role; however, I would like to try a different path with different goals, challenges, and responsibilities.


My second interest is copywriter. I am currently enrolled in the editing class here at GSU. This would give me the opportunity to exercise both my writing and editing skills.

I am available  through email and phone. I am prompt with responses to questions and concerns.

Blog Post #5- Researcher

I am interested in the role of researcher as I have experience in both gathering data and information and presenting it. I have successfully* completed research as an intern at State Farm and I have presented on what I learned to an audience of my peers.  I have also been a university research assistant at GSU since my freshman year. As a University Assistant, I work in teams of two and six handling both quantitative and qualitative data, and we are on track to present our research at GSURC (Georgia State Undergraduate Research Conference) in the spring.

In regards to availability, I check my email and phone messages often and can easily commute to campus for a scheduled meeting. I have never been late to our class (punctuality), I am a second year Junior (focused), and I am a committed to our successful completion of this project that will result no only in a A but in deliverables that are deemed exemplary by the not-for-profits we will work with.

Rwanda Smith

*I received an A on my senior project, positive reviews from my mentor, and was offered a job by the agent at State Farm (in Virginia) where I worked until I moved to Georgia to attend GSU.

Statement of Interest

For this semester’s service learning project, I would like to be considered for the position of researcher.

I am no stranger to research.  Last summer, I began a massive undertaking: writing a comprehensive encyclopedia of North American folklore, mythology, and cryptology.  This project, which I am still currently working on, has involved countless hours in various university libraries, researching a wide variety of topics, and learning how to conduct meaningful research online.  While all the work I have done has been conducted in a recreational capacity, I have no doubt that the skills I have developed would transition well to professional research.

I thoroughly enjoy conducting research and in the time since I begun my encyclopedia, I have learned valuable techniques to organization.  I can say with confidence that if I were the team researcher, I would be able to effective find relevant information and organize it in a system that was accessible to my other group members.

Blog #5: Statement of Interest

For the project we are undertaking in applying our technical knowledge acquired through our coursework in technical communication I am interested in assuming the role of a researcher. Being a very well read and communicatively proficient individual, I have the ability to communicate complex ideology and information in a straight-forward approach easily understandable by my desired audience. I can recollect various information at a moments notice making me the ideal candidate for this position. My qualifications for this position include over three years of experience in philosophical text analyzation and regurgitation through the written form of communication modality. I currently have an Associate’s of Arts degree in philosophy from Georgia Perimeter College which shows my dedication to my degree as well as my previous accomplishments in the college atmosphere.

Time for me is a key factor in my decision to apply for the role of a researcher instead of the role as a project manager. I do have 6 months of management experience at a local health club in Atlanta named Athletic Club Northeast as well as the necessary faculties to be able to assume the role of Project manager, but I do not have the necessary amount of time available for this position. The reasons I do not have the ability to assume the role of project manager are the fact that not only am I full time student working at the senior level of my degree in philosophy which includes rigorous coursework as compared to the previous class levels, but also when I am not spending my time studying or completing assignments for college I am working as a server. It would have been an honor to guide a group of people in this journey we will depart on in technical communication, but I simply do not have the time or resources to assume such a role. Therefore, I will repeat my desire for the role of a researcher or at very least a copywriter. Thank you.


Tyler Chambers

[EDIT: In the event that no other individuals interested in assuming the role of a project manager come forward, I would be open to the idea of assuming the role of a Project Manager. There has been a history of Project Management in my family and I have the previous experience working in a management positions. Similarly, Socrates believed that philosophers should always assume leadership roles because of their acquired wisdom and judgement and I am inclined to agree with him in this particular situation.]

Statement of Personal Interest

If at all possible for whatever group I am assigned I would like to be given the role of copyrighter. My qualifications circle around the fact that 1. I am an English major and I enjoy editing and pulling things together and 2. I have some small experience with drafting letters and advertisements as part of class assignments and volunteer work. My second choice would be the post of Researcher because I tend to enjoy the more tedious aspects of it and I have been in similar roles before with other classes and projects.

Blog # 5: Project 4 Statements of Interest and Project Manager Selection

This week, everyone will post in response to this prompt by midnight Sunday, September 28. Make sure to identify your post with the category “Project and Role Selection” and the category associated with your first preference for a team role (e.g., “Creative Designer” if that’s your first choice).

*****If you would like to take on the role of Project Manager, please try to post in response as early as possible, so that your peers have time to review your qualifications and express their working group preferences.*****

Process Overview

This week we discussed job descriptions for each of the important team roles associated with Project 4: Service Learning Project.

By midnight Sunday, you will all post to this blog a statement of interest. Your draft resumes are already shared with your peers on Marca under Online Professional Profile > Stage 1. You will review each other’s resumes and the project proposals that our clients have submitted and then communicate your preferences regarding two things: 1) Your top three choices among the proposals, and 2) Your preferences for Project Manager selection. Your votes will determine which projects we will accept from our service learning clients, and will influence which individuals will take on the Project Manager role for each of the four Project 4 working groups. Continue reading Blog # 5: Project 4 Statements of Interest and Project Manager Selection

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