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Thomas Clark, a Statement of Interest

I, Thomas Clark, would like to work on either the Whitefoord Community, or the Moving in the Spirit project. I think I may serve the project best as Creative Designer because I have an obsessive attention to detail. I typically spend a great deal of time trying to work out the details in the overall appearance of any multimodal project I work on. I’ll also spend time picking through the language of the copy to make sure we have a cohesive and unified text. I’d say I’m pretty good at dissecting the details, whether it be my words or another’s, but really it’s more of a compulsion. I’ll notice something and feel the need to change it until it sounds/looks/works just right.

The reason I’ve chosen Creative Designer is that I feel confident in my abilities to use certain programs with which I’m familiar, but also to learn something new. I’d also like to hone my designing skills.

As a team member I’m excellent at starting and working on the project on my own. I also know the importance of collaborating as well as helping others for our common goal.

As Creative Designer I would oversee the document’s design and how it works as a whole. I’m confident in my capacity to work with others to agree on how the document should ultimately look/work, and I’d also like to help in the writing process. To, me this position would involve a fair amount of editing and working out the details of the design but I also understand that I will need to work directly with others to make the document meet our goal.

Blog #5: Statement of Interest

Role Choice: Project Manager

For this project, I am interested of the role of project manager.


For starters, I am a CIS major with a specialization in IT project management. I am a senior, so I have a lot of experience with group projects and I also have an internship related to my major. Hopefully this means I am a good project manager since I will be graduating soon!

I also have some experience with managing people in the real world. Recently, we had and still have a huge IT project at work. Since I work for the IT department, one of my jobs was to collect all of the data that had to be manually entered into the system, split it up among about 15 people, explain to everyone their role in the project, and keep tabs on their progress. Since I was successful in managing this, I think I would also be successful managing this class project.


I would like to think I embody all of the attributes listed in the blog prompt. I am extremely organized, reliable, and always punctual (usually early). I also think I am approachable and a good communicator. I get along well with many different types of people and I just love talking to people in general. As a leader, I am able to distribute work to people, help others with their work, and do my own share of the work as well.


I am always just a text or email away. I also work in the Georgia Pacific building (which is practically on campus) which means I am always on campus from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays, either for class or work. My job is extremely understanding of my class work, so I could always step out to meet with my team on any day during these times.

Oh, and my name is Lauren Taronji 🙂

Blog #5 Statement of Interest

Researcher / Copywriter

For the purpose of this project I would like to be considered for the role of Researcher. I believe that I am strongly suited for the role because of my research and organizational skills. I have filled the role of project manager many times for past projects and have been successful in that role; however, I would like to try a different path with different goals, challenges, and responsibilities.


My second interest is copywriter. I am currently enrolled in the editing class here at GSU. This would give me the opportunity to exercise both my writing and editing skills.

I am available  through email and phone. I am prompt with responses to questions and concerns.

Blog Post #5: Statement of Interest

For our upcoming service learning project, I would like to be considered for the position of technical coordinator.  Should that not happen, my second preference is to be considered for the position of copywriter.

I am interested in the position of technical coordinator for a few reasons.  The first reason is simply that I thoroughly enjoy reading, writing, and revising different works, while also adding my own flavor.  Having an efficient reading level and effective writing/revising skills are two vital tools that will give you the edge in the work place and I feel that I posses both attributes.    I am currently an English major, entering my final year with a focus on rhetoric and composition.  I have worked with many different forms of writing, presentation formats, and taken different roles while working in group projects during my time here at Georgia State.  With all this experience, I feel that I can decide with confidence different means for presenting and creating artifacts depending on what the artifact is.  My experience with the role of copywriter (I was the copyeditor for my group while taking an editing class here at GSU) will also help me with the editing and polishing of digital media artifacts.  I like to remain organized and feel that tools like Google Docs and Drop box assist in this process.  I have used both in several different classes so I feel comfortable with the programs.

I am available by phone at all times, as long as I am not working or at least busy.  I currently work as a valet so my hours tend to run late into the evening but I check my phone pretty frequently.  Same goes for email, as I am on my computer for hours each day.  I work well with others, enjoy problem solving (especially when it comes to document design, clarity, simplicity), and I am patient.  My father also works as a technical coordinator so his insight and advice will help me along the way.  I hope you choose me to perform one of the tasks I have discussed.

-Brian Forero

Statement of Interest for Service Project

My name is Mindy Rodgers, and my major is Public Relations with a minor in English. I believe I would be best suited for Project Manager and/or Copywriter, or Researcher positions. I have experience in management from previous jobs and previous group work at school. I have two jobs and a child but I make time for group projects. I am available by phone, or I respond  to my email quickly. (when possible). Although I cannot not always meet on campus (I live in Duluth), I am always available by email/phone. I am also interested in the Our House project because it relates to my situation and it would be interesting to do research/present on. Based on my experiences, I would make a perfect fit for Project Manager, Copywriter, or Researcher positions. Thank you.

Blog Post #5: Statement of Interest

A recent photo of me working hard to finish some copy for a client.


My name is Joe Ennis and I believe that I would be best suited for the role of copywriter. I am just a few months away from gaining my bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in creative writing: fiction. While this project will certainly utilize a technical writing style, I believe that all writing is essentially a creative enterprise. Most of my writing in the past has been a mix of fictional prose, satirical concert reviews, 3-5 page five paragraph essays, and well-written complaints to various customer service departments. I do not see my lack of experience in technical writing as a setback; I see it as an exciting challenge to acquire a brand new skill. While some of my blog posts seem quirky and strange, I am no stranger to professional writing. 


Another photograph of me working diligently.
Another photograph of me working diligently.


I do work almost every day that I am not in class, but my job is such that I am completely available to reach via email or text. I can also take breaks as needed to work with either fellow project members or clients. I live in Atlanta approximately ten minutes from campus, and I am available most nights to meet in person. I am also available to meet Mondays and Wednesdays on campus before noon.


Blog #5: Creative Designer

I would like to be considered for the role of creative designer because I’m a creative individual with a passion for art. I have a strong background in art because I used to be a Graphic Design major. The various art classes that I have taken include: 2D Design, 3D Design, Drawing, Printmaking, and Photography. I understand the elements of design and how to use them to convey the intended messages. I have experience with every aspect of art including poster and brochure design. Also, I have the ability to effectively communicate with co-workers and clients about creative ideas and various design options. My experience, creativity, and communication skills make me an ideal candidate for this position.

Merima Mahmutbegovic

Statement of Interest


I am currently working on my Economics major and a minor in English. I would love the position of the copywriter for my assigned group. Being an event coordinator in the African Students Association where I constantly provide creative ideas or concepts or take an idea and give it substance, direction and content I can also bring that into this project. However, for this project I am also open to the position of creative designer.

I am easily accessible by email and text messages and I check and respond to both regularly. I commute to campus daily and would be available to meet whenever necessary. I am very reliable, always right on task, and will do whatever is necessary to make sure the project is excellent. 

Blog Post #5- Researcher

I am interested in the role of researcher as I have experience in both gathering data and information and presenting it. I have successfully* completed research as an intern at State Farm and I have presented on what I learned to an audience of my peers.  I have also been a university research assistant at GSU since my freshman year. As a University Assistant, I work in teams of two and six handling both quantitative and qualitative data, and we are on track to present our research at GSURC (Georgia State Undergraduate Research Conference) in the spring.

In regards to availability, I check my email and phone messages often and can easily commute to campus for a scheduled meeting. I have never been late to our class (punctuality), I am a second year Junior (focused), and I am a committed to our successful completion of this project that will result no only in a A but in deliverables that are deemed exemplary by the not-for-profits we will work with.

Rwanda Smith

*I received an A on my senior project, positive reviews from my mentor, and was offered a job by the agent at State Farm (in Virginia) where I worked until I moved to Georgia to attend GSU.

Statement of Interest

For this semester’s service learning project, I would like to be considered for the position of researcher.

I am no stranger to research.  Last summer, I began a massive undertaking: writing a comprehensive encyclopedia of North American folklore, mythology, and cryptology.  This project, which I am still currently working on, has involved countless hours in various university libraries, researching a wide variety of topics, and learning how to conduct meaningful research online.  While all the work I have done has been conducted in a recreational capacity, I have no doubt that the skills I have developed would transition well to professional research.

I thoroughly enjoy conducting research and in the time since I begun my encyclopedia, I have learned valuable techniques to organization.  I can say with confidence that if I were the team researcher, I would be able to effective find relevant information and organize it in a system that was accessible to my other group members.