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Thomas Clark, a Statement of Interest

I, Thomas Clark, would like to work on either the Whitefoord Community, or the Moving in the Spirit project. I think I may serve the project best as Creative Designer because I have an obsessive attention to detail. I typically spend a great deal of time trying to work out the details in the overall appearance of any multimodal project I work on. I’ll also spend time picking through the language of the copy to make sure we have a cohesive and unified text. I’d say I’m pretty good at dissecting the details, whether it be my words or another’s, but really it’s more of a compulsion. I’ll notice something and feel the need to change it until it sounds/looks/works just right.

The reason I’ve chosen Creative Designer is that I feel confident in my abilities to use certain programs with which I’m familiar, but also to learn something new. I’d also like to hone my designing skills.

As a team member I’m excellent at starting and working on the project on my own. I also know the importance of collaborating as well as helping others for our common goal.

As Creative Designer I would oversee the document’s design and how it works as a whole. I’m confident in my capacity to work with others to agree on how the document should ultimately look/work, and I’d also like to help in the writing process. To, me this position would involve a fair amount of editing and working out the details of the design but I also understand that I will need to work directly with others to make the document meet our goal.

Blog #5: Creative Designer

I would like to be considered for the role of creative designer because I’m a creative individual with a passion for art. I have a strong background in art because I used to be a Graphic Design major. The various art classes that I have taken include: 2D Design, 3D Design, Drawing, Printmaking, and Photography. I understand the elements of design and how to use them to convey the intended messages. I have experience with every aspect of art including poster and brochure design. Also, I have the ability to effectively communicate with co-workers and clients about creative ideas and various design options. My experience, creativity, and communication skills make me an ideal candidate for this position.

Merima Mahmutbegovic

Blog # 5: Project 4 Statements of Interest and Project Manager Selection

This week, everyone will post in response to this prompt by midnight Sunday, September 28. Make sure to identify your post with the category “Project and Role Selection” and the category associated with your first preference for a team role (e.g., “Creative Designer” if that’s your first choice).

*****If you would like to take on the role of Project Manager, please try to post in response as early as possible, so that your peers have time to review your qualifications and express their working group preferences.*****

Process Overview

This week we discussed job descriptions for each of the important team roles associated with Project 4: Service Learning Project.

By midnight Sunday, you will all post to this blog a statement of interest. Your draft resumes are already shared with your peers on Marca under Online Professional Profile > Stage 1. You will review each other’s resumes and the project proposals that our clients have submitted and then communicate your preferences regarding two things: 1) Your top three choices among the proposals, and 2) Your preferences for Project Manager selection. Your votes will determine which projects we will accept from our service learning clients, and will influence which individuals will take on the Project Manager role for each of the four Project 4 working groups. Continue reading Blog # 5: Project 4 Statements of Interest and Project Manager Selection

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