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Blog 5: Statement of Interest

For our class’ Service Learning Project I would like to be consider for the position of Copy Editor. I have learned about the styles and techniques of copy editing through the Editing course taught here at Georgia State. I am currently doing an internship as a Copy Editor and this is the team member role that I feel most experienced and confident in. I work great in group settings because although I am an excellent leader, I am just as great at being a team player. If selected for the copy editing position I will make sure to thoroughly inspect documents, tables, and charts as well as keep my team and our client adequately and informed in any information and suggestions that i may have. I am willing to assist my team in all roles that need help or creative conversation in order to make sure that we give these great organizations the best service possible so that they can continue to provide excellent care and service to our Atlanta communities. I am fully invested in my community of Atlanta because I myself am a native and also a product of many efforts of programs like these designed to help members of low socioeconomic statuses. I bring an immense passion for community through experience and a completed minor in Sociology. I also bring a keen eye for production, review, and analysis from my pursuance of a B.A in English.  As stated before I am very interested in the Copy Editor position, however I am also open to other positions where I can learn new skills and gain new experience.

Jaleesa Legette