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Blog Post #1: Workplace Social Media and Blogging are Beneficial in 2014

imageIn reading the listed articles, I feel the pros of social media and blogging in the workplace far outweigh the cons. The common negative/con throughout the articles was the potential of the employee being hacked (whether severely as in identity theft, or by a friend trying to prank or embarrass them). This can easily be avoided, as long as someone adamantly protects their identity, passwords, and privacy they should be okay; being proactive is key. Regarding fair policy in the work place, blogging and social media should be allowed for employees to engage in at a reasonable amounts of time during the work day, and at their own discretion on personal time. As long as the company makes it clear to the employee that their digital identity/online presence should reflect the professional/workplace identity, or there will be consequences (as severe as being fired). I believe people should be responsible for what they say whether it be verbal or written. Saying something mean, offensive, or inappropriate is just as hurtful or off putting whether it is read or heard. When employees (or anyone for that matter) publish/post things via social media, blogs, emails, etc. they should use caution and think twice before posting/publishing/sending. One should ask themselves questions a long the lines of:
1) Would I want my mom/dad, grandparents, or boss to read this?
2) Do I like how this will reflect on me/my intelligence?
Of course sometimes we just want to vent, say what we really feel and think, but there is always a time and place for it. Private threads, chat apps, and blogging under and obscure alias on your own time are always easy fixes to vent if one really feels the need to do so in a more public manner. Keeping a positive outlook and attitude overall is always important in life. Also, if one truly feels the need to bash their workplace/employers then maybe they need to reevaluate their situation and think about seeking new employment or other avenues. This brings me to another point, social media and blogging is beneficial to employers because it allows them to get to know their employees on a more personal level. The CEO of Hootsuite raves about the benefits of the employee-employer relationship when social media (especially Twitter) allows everyone to interact on an equal level at all times creates a positive atmosphere and a stronger company (see article link below “3 reasons…Media”). More pros of workplace blogging and social media besides a stronger community is the marketing for the company. The first article (“More Than One third…Have Blogs”) lists positive statistics to support blogging in the workplace, proving that over 40% of the top 500 companies utilizing social media are in the top 200 of the top 500 companies to work for. That in itself is marketing for that 40+%. Who wouldn’t want to work for a top 500 company who encourages it’s employees to be social, and branch out in the digital outlets that have become such an integral part of ones social life in 2014? In my opinion, it’s clear that social media and blogging are beneficial to employers and employees a like and should be encouraged. Like every situation in life, one is expected to make good choices and present themselves in a positive manner- applying the same concept to the pixel world simply makes sense.

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