Blog #3 – Beyond the Resume / Using the Internet to Improve My Image

Currently, my online/professional identity is presented in a pretty generic format. I have a website set up with some basic information about myself that includes a link to my resume. Eventually, I’d like to create a video resume and a portfolio to show off what I’m capable of. Additionally, I’d like to revise my existing resume to be more interesting and also more specific.

Right now, my resume is pretty basic. It lists my job experience, the schools I’ve attended, and the organizations I was involved in during high school. I use a template that I found in the Microsoft Word template library; it forces all-caps for titles and the text is blue. I don’t feel like it really stands out. It would probably be in my best interest to create different resumes for different types of jobs; I’m not sure that it makes a good impression for potential employers to see I was working at a skating rink called “Fun Galaxy” at one point.

Hmm, yes, the smell of sweat masked by the smell of Lysol. Potential employers will definitely want to hear about this.
Hmm, yes, the smell of sweat masked by the smell of Lysol. Potential employers will definitely want to hear about this.

I think using a QR code would be wise for a more “modern” version of my resume; the code could be a link to my website, which, ideally would have  a portfolio showcasing different projects (i.e. code samples from programming classes, contributions to my high school’s yearbook, and some of the music I’ve made).

Scan it if you're feeling bold.
Scan it if you’re feeling bold.

Using a video resume would be beneficial because video is inherently multimodal and using this format would allow employers to get a glimpse at who I am, as well as how I present myself. Video allows applicants to showcase something that typed resumes can’t: their personality.

In the video below, a man uses video to inform and entertain viewers, in hopes of getting hired at Google.

Ultimately, I want to present myself as being multi-faceted, and I believe a video resume is probably the best way to accomplish this. I’d be able to show off my personality and also, since video is multi-modal, I could use the format to present brief snippets of non-written work from my portfolio (e.g. music).

In conclusion, I think my image would benefit from excluding irrelevant information about my prior work experience and using the internet to create a more interactive and multi-modal piece for employers to review.

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